Messenger Basketball Bot - Write-up

written on 02 May 2017






This is a little project I had in May of 2016. The point was to create a bot to play the Messenger-app basketball game. The bot was made in C# and used image recognition to find the ball and ADB to emulate input.

Here’s a little webm of it doing its thing:

It gets to 16 points and then glitched out for some unknown reason.

The whole bot is also made with a couple of third party components:

  • EmguCV: OpenCV bindings for image recognition, to find the ball and the basket.
  • EmguCV OCR: Text recognition, for keeping track of the number of points in the game.
  • ADB : To emulate swipe input to the android phone.
  • Lego: To build the stand for the 720p webcam, you can see it slightly in the webm above.

Dive into the code

If you want to see the code you can go check out this thing on BitBuckettt.

The code was meant to be a one-off, so it’s not exactly written for sustainability and maintainability.